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Why Sangsar Cement Factory?

Quality of products

Quality of products
The ideal color of cement is gray with a light green shade. Soft and fine without roughness, which indicates its quality, and without lumps and pebbles

Export to other countries

Export to other countries
Taking advantage of the high export power, access to the northern ports of the country, exporting to the countries of the Persian Gulf and the member countries of the European Union

Protecting the environment of the region

Protecting the environment of the region
The establishment of the HSE unit in order to comply with the legal requirements of efforts beyond the standards to remove pollution, act in line with the principles of the green industry of the environmental organization

About our factory

History of stone cement

The Sangsar cement factory started its activity in the production of gray cement with the capital of the private sector in the last two decades. In the future, in terms of having technical knowledge and gaining many experiences, he joined the category of cement suppliers for the best construction projects. Also, this company, with its efficient staff and considering its research and educational capabilities, with the establishment of new management and quality control systems based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 standards and the EFQM excellence model, has taken important steps to preserve the environment, including reducing Air pollutants have been removed through the optimization of electrofilters and bag filters, optimization of energy consumption with the design and production of mixed cements, development of green space, control of leaks and recycling of all waste and collection and treatment of wastewater in line with the mission of sustainable development.

  • Major consumers
  • Attention to the environment
  • Private mines
  • Long life products

Quality products of Sangsar Cement Factory

Our products at a glance


Production and supply of minerals including zeolite, silica, celestine, bentonite, etc. along with an integrated management system in the fields of quality management, environmental management and safety management in Sangsar cement factory
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High quality gray cement

Grinding raw materials such as stone, lime, alumina, and silica, which exist in the form of clay or clay stones, and mixing them with certain proportions and by heating in rotary kilns up to about 1400 degrees Celsius and according to the type and quality of raw materials. Cement is produced by two main methods, “wet and dry”, while there are other methods, of course, today, dry method is generally used in cement production, except in cases where the raw materials require a wet method.

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Crushing of minerals

This process is one of the most expensive steps in the factories, in a way that accounts for more than 50% of the investment and operating costs, and finally it is obtained in the form of lumps, granulations and different sizes and different powders. .

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Preparation of quality cement from Sangesar cement!

We have understood your needs and concerns and produced a high-quality product.


Factory orders unit

Buying cement
From the factory in different ways

If you have any questions about packaging and ordering, contact the factory or use the request form.



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Before ordering, contact the factory and coordinate.



The time of sending the goods from the factory depends on the loading and the amount of the order.


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To communicate and contact us, you can make a direct phone call, e-mail and fill out the form in the contact section. Sangsar cement factory answers your questions and requests on all days of the week except Fridays and official holidays.

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    Our happy customers

    “Great experience!! Sangsar Cement has made the entire process easy from the order stage to the final factory. This factory has done a great job with their expert personnel. They were effective in getting my project done on time. Thank you”


    – Ramin Dadur

    She said: “I just want to thank you all for working with Sangasar Cement and having managers with the best attitude towards customer satisfaction. It’s very interesting for me.”


    – Leila Jani

    “This plant has been an effective producer for our project development and cement supply. Their team of project managers, supervisors and support teams cannot be compared to any other contractor I have worked with over the past 15 years.”


    – Mehran Raisi

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